League of Legends

Greetings, players of League of Legends

I will write several guides for you on League of Legends and will also write articles with important news and also thoughts of me on the game.

First off, some information about me:

My ingame name is JoKujo, I play on NA and am currently in Silver, I main top and support.

What does this “silver” mean? It’s a rank that is not one of the highest since it’s only above Bronze. Every Division except for Challenger- is divided into 5 tiers whilst tier 1 is the highest one. You can start playing ranked games at level 30, but it’s recommended to begin with those after you learn how to play every role and have at least a few full rune pages and a big enough variety of champions to use.

I will begin with writing about supports in general at first; so what are supports?
Supports are champions who, as the name implies, support a certain other role in lane which is usually the adc. Supports sacrifice their damage output for utility and they have a lot of duties: Poking the enemy champions in the laning phase, warding important places and also counterwarding, keeping the team mates alive and also keeping the team’s morale up.

Typical supports are Blitzcrank, Leona, Soraka, Janna, Nami, Sona, Thresh and Lulu. Each of them have a special strength and weakness compared to each other and so they synergize differently with different adcs; so Leona goes very well with aggressive champs such as Draven or Vayne whilst Soraka can offer a very high sustain. Thresh is tankier than the other supports whilst in contrary Sona is squishy, but has a very high burst.



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