Beauty can be deadly

Ravens flew across the black night sky. Pale lights were shining through the windows of the beauty shop this story is treating about. Blood was squirting against the walls and hollow screams and not recognizeable sounds had been heard or hadn’t. But firstly for the understanding of the reader the story one day before must be told.

Some day it happened that a middleaged woman called Mathilda had been recruited in a small beauty shop in a town which was quite small as well. The first days Mathilda finished her work well and came home happily knowing that she had worked dilligently for her money and also had helped some people. The most customers were young girls who regularly visited the Beauty Shop to conserve their youth and their qualities most careless men are looking and caring for. “Hey, woman, move your fat arse here, I’ll have a date in one hour!”, a girl yelled at Mathilda which caused most customers to laugh in loud sound, even another employee started to giggle uncontrollably. Indeed, Mathilda had been anything but a topmodel or quite thin; Mathilda was not married and never ever had a boyfriend before. Yet this woman was adorable for having had a heart of gold and being sensitive. Most time Mathilda was helping people, yet thus they were able to misuse Mathilda’s trust and were hurting her bad. Still, the events which were to happen one friday had to be the final straw.

It was 9 pm. The Beauty Shop reached its closing time. The colleagues of our kind hearted woman left to go home. Mathilda smiled because this day no girl who was torturing her with mean and hurting words had been present in the shop. “Surprise!”, a hilarious exclamation sounded through the shop and just at that moment a girl with black curled hair stood before Mathilda. She searched in her pocket for something. Two other girls appeared like out of nowhere and pushed the poor woman around the shop; Mathilda did hit the wall crying several times and yet at the moment those nasty girls planned to stop Mathilda’s eye hit a scissor. It was the one the curly girl was searching for. An inhuman scream ran through the shop and made Mathilda’s blood boil in rage. She swore hatefully: “I will punish you whores. You will suffer the pain you inflicted on me. You will curl in the pain and in my hate I will cover you in!” She lost her consciousness.

One week later Mathilda went on working in the Beauty Shop. A bandage covered her eye or more precisely the hole where her eye had been. She begged her chef for allowing her to stay after closing time so that she could clean the shop up. Fortunately she had been allowed to do so. Dilligently as she worked Mathilda was collecting now the trash created in the shop: Old lipsticks, hair, make up and tools like scissors and hair dryers. Mathilda threw everything onto a pile until a clump of waste and old ugliness yet new beauty arose. Mathilda smiled.

The next day later at evening our hateful woman didn’t appear at work. It was friday- three girls were sitting in the shop whilst their hair was cut. The light went out suddenly and as a crack sounded loudly an insane yell was heard: “Surprise!” The clump Mathilda was building rolled right before the humans out of the broom closet. Nobody could believe their eyes but having no time to wonder a scissor flew across the room and pierced one blonde girl’s head. A hair dryer exploded and smashed an employees head; one of the three torturing girls nearly reached the door secretely as a liquid substance did hit her head and chemically burned her body till she died. She yelled shortly and as the last girl, the curly one saw the spectacle she went down on her knees. She started to pray and for one second time stood still. She smiled and felt relieved. The hairy clump devoured her in one part. The door was opened and Mathilda entered the shop happily laughing and beautiful as a summer’s night.



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