The Raven and the Queen

Rain was pouring on the black fields of earth of the city Greenville. Though it was just midday it was already as dark as it was midnight, as if a huge black cloud had covered the sun with depression and darkness. Those same were the emotions our young protagonist was feeling for the last years since he lost his wife. Their names were Lucius and Philia; they were connected like beach with sand or moon with sun. One could not exist without each other. However, our young protagonist Lucius could not bear his pain anymore and so he decided to act finally.

“That will be 150 dollars.”, the flower shop’s lady stated a price. It was the price for a bouquet of flowers, a bunch of black roses. 150 dollars would have sounded insanely expensive for some worthless flowers, but on the seconds sight Lucius could see, that those were not normal roses having been dyed with black ink- the color was real, the flowers were black, indeed. And a price of this measure was nothing compared with the plans Lucius had made. He left the florist’s to drive towards the graveyard. But firstly he went home.

It has been during a half hour until Lucius reached Greenville’s graveyard to visit his wife’s resting place. He remembered the way Philia died: Some day Lucius went to work just like everyday. Nevertheless exactly this day was to change the young man’s life drastically. Towards evening, as Lucius came home from work, fire trucks were standing at his family’s home place. Screams came out the place, severe and cruel screams which melted like a piece of paper and burned into Lucius’ mind like a sign of the devil. Every night this scene came back before his eyes, every dream was a nightmare and no day the young desperate man could live peacefully anymore. He gave up his job- Lucius had been a lawyer before- and started a new life. Everything he was doing has been done with a huge amount of carefulness. Every step he made was thoughtful and every breath he took was deep as if it was his last one. Lucius stood nearly all time home. He left only for visiting the city’s library; since the day his life changed, Lucius began reading books treatening about paranormal themes and occultism. Lucius made most precise enquiries about black magic and esoteric doctrine and believe me or not- his hard work is to become successful.

Wind blew a scent of earth across the graveyard. Our protagonist was standing before his love’s tombstone on which were written following words:

Raven, raven, in the sky,
Messenger of Death.
King of darkness, clouds and black,
Majesty of me.
Crow, oh crow,
Thy eyes will shine,
Thou are the queen of Life.
I want to love thou always,
Oh majesty of love.

The bunch of black roses have been thrown on the cold earth. And as described in the black book Lucius has cut his left arm’s veins open with a knife being at least fifty years old. His blood seeped down slowly and as it reached the ground, they roses became purpure like blood flowing through a lover’s heart. The young man breathes slowly and peacefully as he looks down at his body which starts to vanish into ashes. Lucius closes his eyes and listens but the wind covered anything with silence. He opens his eyes. Philia stood before him. Smiling and laughing the lovers embraced each other and become one for the rest of all times.



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